Maine Gave Many is a site dedicated to the memory of the
men of Maine who gave their lives in World War II.
Maine Gave Many is not only a site of remembrance but also
a site of  reference and resource for those researching
information concerning these men of Maine.
The list of names on this site  are acquired from two official
U.S. Government publications, located at the
Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The
publications are:
" World War II Honor List of Dead and
Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from:Maine"
,published by the War Department, 1946, and the
Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy,
Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel from:Maine "
U.S. Navy , 1946.
Maine Gave Many will be adding the names of these men as
we acquire information about them. In time, we hope to have
information on all, but obviously this is a long term project.
To view both list of names in their entirety now, however,
please click on either of the two above publication titles.
This will bring you directly to the sites.       
Maine Gave Many will be updated at least a few times a
week, with added names and information. Information will be
obtained from many sources, but primarily  consist of facts
obtain in the War Dept. and U.S. Navy Casualties list, as well
as newspaper articles and material from the
American Battle
Monuments Commission. Cilck to visit.     The Commission
administers, operates, and maintains twenty-four permanent
American burial grounds on foreign soil.  Presently there are
124,917 U.S. War Dead interred at these cemeteries, 30,922
of World War I, 93,245 of World War II and 750 of the
Mexican War.  Additionally 6,010 American veterans and
others are interred in the Mexico City and Corozal
American Cemeteries.
To see the Maine Gave Many current list of names and
information go to the
front page of Maine Gave Many and
click to either the Army or Navy lists.
See below for examples and explanation of the information
you will find.
Army and Army Air Forces example:

Name              service number       Rank          Type of casualty
Smith John       31313131       PVT              KIA

            KIA - Killed in action,
            DOW - Died of wounds.
            DOI - Died of injuries.
            DNB - Died non-battle.
            FOD - Finding of death.

Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard example:

   Name                     Rank       Service             Next of kin
CUCCHIARA, Louis A.,   Pfc.,   USMCR.     Mother, Mrs.
 Next of kin address
Rosalla Cucchiara,     139 Newbury St., Portland.