EMERSON, Robert Eugene, Gunner's Mate 3c,
USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Eugene
Emerson, 48 Hillside Ave., South Portland.
World War II Casualties for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard
Portland Evening Express - June 28, 1945
USS LCS(L)(3)-119
moored in San
Francisco Bay, circa
Photo Contributed
to National
Association of
USS LCS(L) 1-130
by Aldo Presenza
LCS(L)s were heavily involved in leading
the assault on the landing beaches at
Hagushi, Okinawa, on 1 April 1945.  After
the initial phase of the invasion had been
completed, the ships had two main duties:
skunk patrol and radar picket duty.  Skunk
patrol involved intercepting Japanese
suicide boats that were attempting to ram
into American Navy ships.  Many of the
suicide boats went to the bottom under the
guns of the Mighty Midgets.  The most
hazardous duty faced by the LCS(L)s
involved radar picket duty.  The Navy had
set up a ring of radar picket stations
around the island, each manned by one or
more destroyers, one of which was
equipped with a Fighter Director Team.  
The mission of the picket ships was to pick
up incoming air raids from Japan and
Taiwan and vector the Combat Air Patrol to
intercept them.  LCS(L)s were assigned to
the radar picket stations as fire support for
the destroyers.  Soon the picket ships
became targets themselves.  While serving
on Radar Picket Duty, LCS(L)s 15 and 33
were sunk by kamikazes, while  25, 31, 51,
52, 57, 88, 116, 121, and 122 were
LCS(L) 119 was hit by a
kamikaze while retuning from a
radar picket station.  
LCS(L) 37 was
also disabled when she was attacked by a
suicide boat.
National Association of USS LCS(L) 1-130.