GERRISH  RODNEY  J    O-682024   2 LT    KIA
Bangor Book of Honor
"Tail Shot" - Battle Number Changed from #44 to #85 - Shown with GOOD TIME
CHARLIE (42-73139) Lower Right

Contributor - Robert Livingstone Info Contributor - Ed Clendenin

The mission report for 23 May 44 reads in part as follows:

"Ship No. 85 of the 515th Squadron (Serial Number 42-72772) was hit by flak just
shortly after crossing the coastline on the run to the Target from the I.P. The hit tore
a large hole in the fuselage from the antenna back over the left waist window, but
as the ship was still maneuverable, the pilot attempted to take the A/C back to
Naples. This ship was escorted by two bombers in the same flight, but about five
minutes North of the Pomigliano A/D (Naples) it was seen to go out of control at
about 2000 feet, crashed to the ground and burst into flames immediately. No one
was able to escape from the plane."
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