GRANT, Philip Fransworth, Lieutenant
(jg), USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Henry Grant.

Philip Farnsworth Grant was the son of Mr. Mrs. Fred Grant  and  
a 1934 Graduate of Cherryfield Academy.  After graduating from
the University of Maine,  he joined the Navy in 1941, training as a
carrier pilot and was assigned to the USS Hornet in the early days
of the Pacific War. He distinguished himself during the Battle of
Midway flying the Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber (SDB) by his
aggressive attacks on the enemy ships and by landing on a
beach to rescue a fellow pilot who had to ditch his plane.  For his
exploits, he was  awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by
Admiral Nimitz, the Pacific Fleet Commander.  Several months
later in October, a major Japanese naval force moved into the
Guadalcanal sector with the objective of cutting allied shipping
lanes to Australia. Outnumbered 2 to 1, the American fleet met
the invading forces in the Battle of Santa Cruz Island.  LT Grant’s  
VB-8  Wing consisting of 8 SDB’s went up with other wings of dive
bombers to bomb and strafe the Japanese task force of carriers
and war ships.  Outnumbered by a vastly larger enemy force of
Zeros and dive bombers, the Americans fought hard in what
became known as the most intense two hour air and carrier battle
of WWII, a battle that cost the Americans dearly but kept the
invading Japanese from threatening the vital Richardson Airfield
on Guadalcanal .  LT Grant took off from the Hornet with the first
strike force at 0755 hours on the morning of 26 Oct 1942.  
Approaching the enemy ships, LT Grant’s  flight commander’s
plane’s engine seized up and he went into the water at 0926 and
LT Grant was shot down approximately 4 minutes later at 0930
hours.  He and his gunner were never recovered.
LT Philip F. Grant will always be 25 years old. His name is
inscribed on the Wall of the Missing in the American Battlefield
Monuments Cemetery in Manila, the Philippines where they
remembered him yesterday at their Memorial Day observances.
LT Grants nephews, Wayne and Philip Grant received the State
of Maine Gold Star Medal from the grateful people of Maine for
his ultimate sacrifice.

Philip F. Grant
Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Navy
Service # 0-106075
United States Naval Reserve  
Entered the Service from: Maine
Died: 4-Dec-45
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American
Manila, Philippines  
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart
Photo provided by:
Narraguagus High School
Article Source
World War II Casualties for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard