World War II Casualties for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard
LEVESQUE, Lucien T.,  Pfc., USMCR.
Mother, Mrs. Alice Levesque, 65
Cumberland Ave., Lewiston
Lewiston Daily Sun - December 24, 1943
Lewiston Daily Sun - January 8, 1944
American Battle Monuments Commission
In the early morning hours of
November 1, 1943, the first assault
waves of the 3rd Marine Division
stormed the beaches of  the Japanese-
held island of Bougainville. Their
objective, “…the capture and defense
of a strategic airfield site. The
acquisition of a base on Bougainville
was part of the overall plan of isolating
the highly strategic Japanese naval
and air base of Rabaul on the island of
New Britain. The initial landing on
Bougainville was intended primarily as
a Marine Corps operation. Once a
beachhead was secured the Marines
were to be withdrawn and replaced by
Army troops.”
In less  than two months The 3rd
Marine Division along with the U.S.
Army’s 37th Division shattered the
Japanese force in a series of vicious
battles. Although remnants of the
Japanese infantry would remain on the
island until the end of the war, they
would never again pose a serious
threat on Bougainville. On Christmas
day, the 3rd Marine Division was
relieved by the U.S. Army’s Americal
In the capture of Bougainville,423
marines lost their lives. Among those
killed in action were four Marines from

Corporal Leo W. Couture, E Co., 2nd
Battalion, 21st Reg., was killed in
action on Bougainville November 13,
1943. His company was ambushed by
a large Japanese force that day in the
battle known as “The Coconut Grove
Leo was born November 6, 1919, the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Couture of
Saco. He had just tuned 24.

Pfc. Arnold L. Millett, M Co., 3rd
Battalion, 21st Reg., was killed in
action November 17, 1943, when the
transport ship he was on, U.S.S
McKean (APD-5)  was attacked by
Japanese planes off the coast of
Bougainville ,while delivering Marine
reinforcements to Bougainville. At
0350 on November 17, McKean was
struck by a torpedo from a Japanese
plane, and “exploded violently”  
McKean sunk within a half hour taking
with her over a 100 of the crew and
Arnold was born December 22, 1921,
the son of  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Millett of
Lisbon Falls. His body was never
recovered. He was 21.

Pfc., James E. Farrell, Co. L, 3rd
Battalion, 3rd Reg., was killed in action
November 21, 1943 on Bougainville
during what is known as the “Piva
Forks Battle”
James was born January 11, 1924, the
son of Mrs. Katherine C. Farrell of
Portland. He was 19.

Pfc., Lucien T. Levesque, F Co., 2nd
Battalion, 3rd Reg., was killed in action
on November 23, 1943, also during the
“Piva Forks Battle”
Lucien was the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Levesque of Lewiston. He was
Semper Fi, Semper Memento