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91st BG / 323nd BS Mission Report -
Ludwigshaven, Germany. Nine 323rd
aircraft participated. Ship #7304 aborted
before reaching the target. Flak caused
No. 3 engine prop to run away, making it
impossible for the ship to stay in
formation. The crew was given credit for
an abortive sortie. It counts as a mission
for all members of the crew. Enemy flak
was more intense and accurate than
usual. Also, several enemy fighter attacks
were made. Ship #7040 was severely
damaged by both flak and enemy
fighters, and S/Sgt. Walter P. Meader, Jr.,
the Waist Gunner, was instantly killed
when a big burst of flak went through the
ship. He was buried in the cemetery near
Cambridge. T/Sgt. Joseph T. Depoti,
Engineer, was severely wounded in the
legs at the same time. He is now in the
hospital. Although the opposition was
considerable, our ships succeeded in
hitting their target and successfully
completing the mission.
source: 323rd Bomb Squadron / 91BG
Mission Report
"You'd be smiling, too, if you'd been plucked from the Channel. LT Roman V. Maziarz & crew,
323rd Bomb Sq, 91st BG had been flying B-17G 42-37939 "Sugar Blues" (coded OR-S) on the 22
February 1944 mission to Bunde. Savaged by enemy fighters, Maziarz managed to nurse the ship
far enough to make a successful (the copilot was slightly injured) ditching in friendly waters. A
crewman holds the only remnant of their ship, an A-2 jacket decorated with the nose art. The rest of
the crew wears (dry) RAF uniforms."  -
S Sgt Walter P. Meader Jr., third from left.
MEADER  WALTER  P JR    11122367    S SG    KIA
Portland Press Herald - July 16, 1944