TIBBETTS  H  K  JR    11029005    PVT    KIA
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces


Herman K. Tibbetts, Jr.
Private, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # 11029005
18th Squadron, 17th Air Base Group  
Entered the Service from: Maine
Died: 7-Dec-41
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii  
Awards: Purple Heart
Portland Evening Express - May 24, 1945
By Rob Carr

"The barracks now are silent, Where
once your laughter rang, The steel
guitar is broken, Where around your
bunks we sang. As the stars give way
to morning, In Oahu’s cloud-swept sky,
Old Glory’s proudly waving there,
Seeped in heroes crimson dye. Can
you hear us there in heaven, As the
dawn patrol takes flight? On silvery
wings your memory soars, In holy
freedom’s fight. The Kona wind blows
softly now, The palm trees whisper low,
But all America will remember, Whence
came this dastard’s blow. Let the
Nipponese remember this, As they
cringe beneath the sky, At Hickam’s
flaming vengeance, For you, the first
to die!”
-Sergeant W. Joe Brimm, Hickam Field
At 07:55 December 7, 1941, the first
wave of Japanese planes targeted
American airfields and Battleships. In a
coordinated sneak attack, Japanese
planes bombed and strafed Hickam
and other airfields to eliminate air
opposition and take control of the sky.
Hickam Field was hit hard, among the
many targets hit were a large barracks
and mess hall. Among the 189 men
killed at Hickam Field were two Maine
men. Pfc. Willard C. Orr, and Pvt.
Herman K. Tibbetts Jr.
Ensign Stanley W. Allen of Bethel,
Maine was also killed. He was on the U.
S.S Oklahoma that morning when the
battleship was torpedoed multiple
times, capsized and sank in the mud.
His body was never recovered.
In all, over 2400 military and civilians
were killed in the attack. Semper
Ensign Stanley W. Allen, was born July
17, 1916, the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer C. Allen of Bethel. He graduated
from Bowdoin College in 1939.
Willard C. Orr Private first class, U.S.
Army Air Forces, Headquarters and
Headquarters Squadron, 17th Air Base
"Debater, essayist, and National Honor
Society member at Bangor High School
where he graduated, 1939, he entered
the business of market gardening, but
soon enlisted. He was on duty as a
head cook at Hickam Field, Hawaii,
when killed by the enemy on Pearl
Harbor Day, Presidential Citation.
Purple Heart." - Bangor Book of Honor.
He was 20.
Pvt. Herman K.Tibbetts, 18th
Squadron, 17th Air Base Group , was
born in 1909, the son of Herman K.
Tibbetts of Limerick.