KILPATRICK  D M  JR    O-449356    1 LT    FOD
World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces
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detailed account of Donald's last
mission,as well as his and other
members of the 492nd's record of
valiant service.
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Book Of Honor
Back row, left to right...  
• Donald Kilpatrick, pilot  
• Thomas Flaherty, co-pilot  
• Glen Wrobel, bombardier, waist gunner  
• Charles Hanline, navigator  
Front row, left to right...  
• Wilbur Idler, engineer  
• James Coates, radio operator  
• Herbert Novatny, nose gunner  
• Kenneth Shinley, waist gunner  
• Leon Byers, ball turret gunner  
• Donald Brackins, tail gunner  
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